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Danielle Honea Photography

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Have you ever met someone that just has an amazing vibe? Someone that exudes confidence, drive, and silliness all at once? Well, for me, that person is Danielle. Her infectious smile puts all her clients at ease. Please don't let her easy going way fool you; she is a consummate professional. She has an amazing passion for her work and it shows in every amazing photograph.

She began her photography career as a hobby, something to do between her busy military career, dog mom duties, and being a doting wife. Fast forward ten years and now she is one of the most sought after photographers on the Central Coast. Her ethereal style compliments each bride beautifully. I dare you to visit her website and look away from shot after shot of soft lighting, warm smiles, and gorgeous color. Just have a look at these amazing shots!

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Danielle Honea Photography


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